Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji- biography-गुरु नानक जीवनी और इतिहास

                        Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Birthday

Guru Nanak Dev ji -was born on April 14, 1469 in a Hindu family of Talwandi village in northern Punjab (now in Nankana in Pakistan).

 The name of Nanak was named after the elder sister Nanaki. Nanak's father was a patwari in Talwandi village. In the family, Guru Nanak's grandfather, Shivram, grandmother, Benaras and uncle Laloo were. Gurunanak also had a good knowledge of Persian and Arabic languages.

Nanak had been given the job of shepherding since childhood. While feeding animals, they kept in mind for hours. One day their animals ruined neighbors' crops. On this his father rebuked Nanak Dev ji After this, when the head of the village visited Rai Bullar Crop, the crop was right. This is where miracles of Guru Nanak Dev ji started.

Roy Bullar, after understanding the divinity of Nanak Dev ji, kept him in the school. During this time, they refused to go through the sacred Jainav rites of Hindu religion. He said that he would be tied with compassion, contentment and restraint. They opposed the caste system and refused to participate in idol worship.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji History 

 The rise of Sikhism was born Gurunanak Guru Nanak five centuries ago. Nanak was from a Hindu family and he grew up among Muslim neighbors. From his childhood, he had shown his deep spiritual character.
 He broke the customs of the family and the Orthodox and refused to sit in empty rituals. Guru Nanak Nanak also married and did business but his focus was on God and Yoga. Eventually Nanak Nanak became a charan and started singing the glory of God. 

They opposed idol worship and did not believe in worship of Gods. He raised voice against caste system and taught all the same lessons to humans.

Birth and Childhood Origins and Childhood of Guru Nanak Dev ji 

Guru Nanak Nanak Dev was born on 14 April 1469 in a Hindu family of Talwandi village in present-day Punjab (Nankana) in the 15th century. Nanak was named after his elder sister Nanaki, who lived with his mother Tripta and father Mehta Kalu.

 His father was a patwari in Talwandi village. His grandfather Shivram, grandmother, Benaras and uncle Laloo used to live in his family. Gurunanak had learned Parsee and Arabic languages ​​besides his native language.

Guru Nanak Nanak had been given the job of shepherding since childhood and used to live in meditation for many hours while feeding animals.

 One day their cattle ruined neighbors' crops, then their father had enough data. When the village head Rai Bullar went to see the crop then the crop was absolutely safe. From this, his miracles started and after that he became a Saint.

Spiritual Call and Selfless Service Spiritual Calling and Selfless Service of Guru Nanak Dev ji

Roy Bullar first explained Guru Nanak's Divinity to Guru Nanak and became happy with him and kept Nanak in school. The Guru of Nanak remained amazed to hear his spiritual poetry compositions. When Nanak started to go through the holy Janayu ceremony of Hindu religion, he refused to participate in it.

 He said that his genuine kindness, contentment, bonded with restraint and truth will be woven, which will not be able to get water, neither in the soil, nor will it be lost nor will it ever fall. After this, Guru Nanak Nanak opposes caste practice and idol worship Also refused to participate in

Kalu, the father of Guru Nanak Nanak Dev, thought that the spiritual way of his son is making him careless, he put Nanak in the business of trade. As a merchant of Nanak,

 he started feeding the hungry with the benefit of earning, since then the history of the anchor was started. Before this, for the first time, when Nanak sent his father for business for the first time, 

he asked them to make a profit from these money by paying them Rs. 20. On the way they got a group of sadhus and poor people, they arranged food and clothes for them from the money. 

When Nanak returned home empty handed, his father punished them. For the first time Guru Nanak Guru Nanak Dev proclaimed the real benefit to selfless service. For this reason the fundamental principles of anchor originated.

Marriage and Family Life of Guru Nanak Dev ji

Nanak's sister Nanaki and brother-in-law Jai Ram married Nanak on September 24, 1487 with the help of the original Chand's daughter Sulakhni. During marriage, Nanak was only 14 years old and his wife was 17 years old. Because of the opposition of Guru Nanak, 
he had earlier refused to marry and threatened to send back the procession. There was a debate between Guru Nanak and the Brahmins and he became angry with them and placed them near a dilapidated clay wall. Some people had a plot to demolish that wall on Gurunanak.

An elderly woman gave her instructions for this plot. Guru Nanak Dev smiled and announced that the wall would not fall for a century. After this he said that these walls will be a sign of their marriage for years. This wall is still closed in a glass in Gurudwara Kand Sahib, 

Gurdaspur, Punjab. In the end, Guru Nanak Dev  and Sulakhani made four rounds of fire instead of seven pharos. Today, people from abroad visit this place to see the gurus, they have a son named Siri Chand and Lakhmi Das. Nanak started living with his sister Nanki and Jijaji Jairam in Sultanpur where he served government grain distribution.


Travels of Guru Nanak Dev Travels of Guru Nanak Dev -Travels (Udasis) of Guru Nanak Ji

In 1499, there was friendship with a Muslim poet Mannna in Sultanpur, Nanak Nanak, of Guru Nanak, where he received education. Nanak and Maardna went out to explore Ekeshwar. Once Nanak Dev passed through a river, 

he became invisible while meditating in that river and came out of the river three days later and declared "There is no Hindu and no Muslim here. There is neither Hindu nor Muslim".

One day during his visit to Haridwar, he saw the people moving east towards the sun towards heaven for their ancestors, he started plucking Gangajal in the west and when they saw them, they ridiculed them. 

Then he said to those people, "If Ganges can reach heaven like this then why should not I reach Gangajal to the Kheto of Punjab which is more than heaven?"

During his visit, he worshiped both Hindu and Muslim places of worship. From 1499 to 1524 till 25 years, he made 5 trips in India, where he traveled to South India, Sri Lanka, Eastern States of India, Tibet, China and Arab countries. |

Principle of Sikhism, Concept of Sikhs, by Guru Nanak Dev ji

Guru Nanak Nanak developed monastic worship and condemned the worship of gods and goddesses. Their education is mainly following

1. Make the name worship - daily worship and keep on taking God's name forever.
2. Carry- Stay engaged in employment as a honest honest.

3. Vand Chako - Offer service and share some of your income in the poor people.

Apart from this he told that five things in life can ruin your life.
01 ego 02 anger 03 greed 04 attachment 05 lust

Guru Nanak Nanak ended the hierarchy of caste. They told the same for all their rules and so, and opposed the practice of Sati.



Poetry on Guru Nanak Dev ji

Guru Nanak Nanak wrote a poem of 7500 lines, which was later included in Guru Granth Sahib. He spent his life traveling with new teachings. Nanak took a series of inspirational compositions, 
along with Mardna, and made the medium of his message to music. Guru Nanak Nanak stopped at Multan, where Mannna breathed last, Shahzada, son of Mardna, walked on the posts of his father and spent his life serving as a poet with Nanak.

Choosing a Successor by Guru Nanak Dev ji

Guru Nanak Guru Nanak went to Kartarpur in the last days of his life, where he made companionship of followers. His eldest son, Siri Chand, was adopted by his sister in childhood. He made a beauty yogi and founded a sad sister, Lakhmi Das married his second son and started living a household life.
The devotee of Hindu Goddess Durga, heard Bhajan of Guru Nanak and he became his follower. He put his whole life in service to his master and his followers. Guru Nanak Guru Nanak took a test of bull and considered it appropriate to make it his heir. Guru Nanak died on 22 September 1539 at Kartarpur. After his death, Lahna spread the Sikh religion in the name of Angad Dev.

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